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    In Cognota Media, we are dedicated to the contemporary digital marketing including SEO.

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    Cognota Media has developed SEO analyzing tool to optimize your website ranking and effectiveness in Search Engines

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    we are constantly building additional SEO automation tools to increase your online presence. This makes us unicorn in the innovation and technology.

SEO is the most effective process to increase the traffic

Digital revolution opened business to reach beyond borders. Internet plays a major role in the success and failure of the business. Today we are forced to compete in the global arena. Every small, medium and large scale companies try to seize opportunity given to them by the internet.

The current business trend is to have a best user friendly website and technology, rather than a well furnished office. Your website is the reputation and visibility to the global market. Doing business online has multiple benefits, but getting ahead of the competitors is not an easy job. The entire matter is too technical and needs supervision from professionals who have experience in online sale and marketing.

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Success in online business depends on professionally accomplished campaigns. We give you 6 reasons to optimize your website SEO.

1. Various researches proved that over 70% of search engine users prefer to choose between the top 10 suggestions in the SERP. Business should try to take advantage of this, only through coined SEO strategies.

2. SEO is a process, not a tool for online marketing. It takes into account everything regarding a website that will improve a user’s experience and usability of a website.

3. Internet users trust search engines like Google and Bing. Having a presence in the top positions, against right keywords the user is searching, increases the trust level of the website.

4. SEO helps a website to get promoted in the social media too. Satisfied visitors become your brand evangelist for your website in different social media like Facebook, Google+ and twitter etc.

5. SEO is important from the perspective of competition too. When two companies are selling the same products or services, the website of the company which comes ahead of the other in SERP naturally remains ahead in competition too. Buyer’s preferred that website or that company in the top list.

6. In SEO, keywords changes regularly, so your contents must be clear, catchy and comprehensive. Never under estimate the power of contents, as you know content is king.


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